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 Racing Games >>>> need for SPEED ETC... SOME ARE PORTABLE

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PostSubject: Racing Games >>>> need for SPEED ETC... SOME ARE PORTABLE   Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:06 pm

What is a Portable game?
*A portable game is a pc game that you carry around with you on a portable device, such as a flash drive or external hard drive

Portable Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 | 273 mb (528 mb extracted)

Become the "Champion Road Racer" by conquering numerous racing events, all carrying rewards such as: cars, tracks, and high performance upgrades. The game challenges the driver to dodge traffic, police and natural elements in high speed and high style... true NFS style! Evade any cops encountered, as getting busted just might end your career.

* Choose "Power of Ra" driver profile for all cars and events unlocked.

rapidshare.com pnfshp2.part1.rar
rapidshare.com pnfshp2.part2.rar
rapidshare.com pnfshp2.part3.rar

Portable Monster Truck Fury | 27.5 mb

Choose from a wide selection of gnarly monster trucks including Saabre Cage, Sergeant Steele, American Hero, Spider Bite, and Firepower. Kick it into gear on 6 off-road and stadium-style tracks, burn some rubber in the deserts of Arizona or fall to your death in Grand Canyon. Let the destruction begin with jumps, pits, and wrecked cars. Jump and smash through fences, livestock, and farms. Test your skills in a bunch of kick-ass game modes including Car Crushin', Checkpoint Race, and Lane Race.

rapidshare.com pmtfury.rar

Portable Need for Speed Underground 2 | 288 mb (800 mb extracted)

The game is based around tuning cars for street races, resuming the Need for Speed: Underground storyline. Need for Speed: Underground 2 provides several new features, such as a broader customization, new methods of selecting races, the explore mode (just driving around freely, similar to Grand Theft Auto, in a large city known as Bayview, which heavily resembles Los Angeles) with a hint of San Francisco and Las Vegas locations like the Casinos and Red and White radio tower on the mountain. Underground 2 also introduces several SUVs, which could be customized as extensively as other Underground 2 vehicles and used to race against other SUV racers. Brooke Burke is the voice of Rachel Teller, the person who guides you through the story.

rapidshare.com pnfsu2.part01.rar
rapidshare.com pnfsu2.part02.rar
rapidshare.com pnfsu2.part03.rar
rapidshare.com pnfsu2.part04.rar

Portable Midnight Racing | 34 mb

Midnight racing is a sensational car racing game with an interesting dark background. The game includes 3D physics with hills, tunnels, flyovers and four way intersections, and you can choose from twelve camera angles.It provides time trial and championship modes. You can drive on ten tracks from 5 to 15 kilometers with three difficulty levels. The better you get, the harder the course gets. You can play with up to 8 friends in multi-player mode on a LAN. Multiple custom designed super-cars allow for speeds in excess of 170 MPH.

rapidshare.com pmracing.rar

Portable Ford Street Racing | 133 mb

Taking the power of Ford beyond the racetrack and onto the sun-bleached streets of LA, Ford Street Racing delivers a unique fast-and-furious team racing experience.

Ford Street Racing has the unique 'team' feature, putting you in control of your own Ford racing team. Whilst racing through the dangerous streets of LA, switch between your three cars and issue commands to your team-mates to gain both a tactical and positional advantage. Block, draft and challenge your opponents as you get behind the wheel of any of the 18 officially licensed high performance Ford vehicles - from the classic 1970 Mk 1 Capri RS2600 to the recently announced 2007 Shelby GT 500.

Ford Racing never looked or felt this good; now with exceptionally detailed LA environments, beautifully realistic cars, a car damage system and drastically improved handling, this is the slick and sexy race extravaganza gamers have been waiting for.

rapidshare.com pfsrac1ng.part1.rar
rapidshare.com pfsrac1ng.part2.rar

Portable Cross Racing Championship 2005 | 350 Mb

Cross Racing Championship 2005 is a race simulator developed by Hungarian studio Invictus Games, who were also responsible for 1nsane (published back in 2000 by Codemasters).
CRC 2005 is billed as the most accurate re-creation of real-life Autocross, Rally Cross, Off-Road, Dirt track, Rallying, Road Racing and Circuit Racing seen to date. The game allows the player to experience the thrills of high-speed on and off road racing across vast open terrains. The player can contest over 65 races across six distinct environments, ranging from icy mountainous regions and lush countryside to parched desert areas and beaches.

rapidshare.com championship_2005.part1.rar
rapidshare.com championship_2005.part2.rar
rapidshare.com championship_2005.part3.rar
rapidshare.com championship_2005.part4.rar

Portable Tank Racer

Tank Racer is a uniquely stylish racing game. Unique blend of driving and shooting with groundbreaking lap-based obstacles and destruction effects. Split-screen mode features wicked battle mode and, uniquely, custom 2-player courses authored especially for split-screen fun - you can only race them with a friend. so get one! - Spectacular special effects (from reflection-mapped tanks to pressure-sensitive skidmarks, dense smoke and explosions to shattering and destruction effects.)

Game Features:
- 15 normal and secret tanks to choose from - choose your own personal stomp-happy racing machine!
- 22 startlingly different, challenging single and multiplayer tracks, from the quiet English village to the spooky New Orleans swamp, from the bustling Eastern European city to the controlled, sterile atmosphere of a biosphere! -
- Spectacular special effects (from reflection-mapped tanks to pressure sensitive skidmarks, dense smoke and explosions to shattering and destruction effects.)
- Masses of hidden goodies, including entire bonus games and features!
- Cool Menu System!

rapidshare.com tr.rar

uploading still in process
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Racing Games >>>> need for SPEED ETC... SOME ARE PORTABLE
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